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What Projects Does NKCRC Support?

“Our whole concept is to do work that is guided, in fact, created by others with a focus on the community. We have never stimulated projects by finding someone interested in a certain area and twisting their arms until they agree to do a project. We don’t set the agenda for public good in North Kohala. Our only agenda is that if a project appears to benefit the community we support it if it is presented to us.”

– Founder, Bob Martin

“We are seeing a steady increase in interest in our work and in funding sources, and are providing support and a bridge to funding to over fifty projects. We are proud and humbled to assist so many worthy efforts in North Kohala.”

– Executive Director, Christine Richardson

“The Resource Center provides the toolbox to turn a sound idea into a viable and successful community project. And we provide the local validation, continual support and follow through as well.”

– NKCRC Board Director, Chris Helmuth