You love Kohala. Now you can love Kohala forever!

The North Kohala Community Resource Center now has mechanisms in place for our cherished community of donors to participate in Planned Giving.

In simple terms, Planned Giving is a philanthropic practice that presents the perfect opportunity to make a larger, longer lasting contribution to the Center.

Want to help protect open spaces?
Consider a gift in your will.

Want to help ensure Kohala keiki (children) have abundant healthy activity opportunities?
Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Want to help ensure Kohala kupuna (elders) thrive and share their own mana’o (wisdom) with future generations?
Consider leaving a legacy…so your cherished values live on.

In essence, Planned Giving is the practice of designating a gift to a charitable organization in life as part of your Estate Plan. Your gift of any size could be in the form of cash, real estate, life insurance, equity, or personal property. While not required, and dependent upon the size and complexity of the Planned Gift, most gifts are organized with the help of an attorney or Estate Planning lawyer because there are various legal and tax strategies available that can help maximize the impact of your gift.

Our Planned Giving ʻOhana (family)

There are many benefits associated with Planned Giving but perhaps the most obvious is the support it provides to us as a charitable organization and the significant long term impact your gift could have on our operations. Your legacy becomes a GREAT WAY TO LOVE KOHALA FOREVER.

Case Study

Planned Giving to the North Kohala Community Resource Center aligns people who care about Kohala with a way to cultivate a sustainable future for the community and create lasting change.

Envisioned and incorporated in 2002 by a dedicated core group of community organizers, the North Kohala Community Resource Center sets a standard for authentic community self-reliance.
Our mission is to increase the number of successful projects that benefit the North Kohala community. We accomplish this under our 501(c)3 umbrella through building capacity in our project organizers. We ensure that they are able to grow their projects, build budgets, find funders and write successful proposals.
Planned Giving is a mechanism for donors to leave a lasting legacy; a planned gift, arranged in the present and allocated in the future. It does not require a large income or a vast estate.

Donors who are aligned with the Center’s history and values can support our long term sustainability through a variety of modalities, which in turn supports Kohala and its people.

When the Covid pandemic arrived here in 2020, the Resource Center was able to quickly pivot to continue its mission by addressing one the most pressing needs of Kohala; feeding our families. Of the 1,800 households in Kohala, more than half became unemployed overnight. Nutritional support became critical in helping these households and particularly our kupuna (elders). In a matter of months, through grants and generous donations, more than $300,000 was channeled through the Center for a four tier program that supplemented nutritional give-aways of all with fresh, locally sourced foods. Today, Feed Kohala and other sponsored projects continue to address the needs of our families. This was accomplished by NKCRC’s skilled staff, by funders and donors who reached out to us, trusted our proven capacity, and gave generously.
Lele o Kohala me he lupe la; “Kohala soars as a kite,” is an ʻōlelo noʻeau expressing admiration for Kohala, a district that even in ancient times was recognized as a leader in doing good. Today, this expression still describes the aspirations of the people of this historic rural community. Rooted in our mission to support successful community projects, we build on these aspirations and envision a vibrant and thriving community enriched by its people. To ensure this vision, our goal is to enhance our ability to pivot and respond to a sometimes quickly changing world while still providing the grassroots support that has served the community well for 20 years. Your support of Center operations through our Planned Giving endowment program will help ensure that future generations benefit from our simple and financially prudent, yet enduring, model of community support.

The most important metric is not easy to measure – the quality of life in Kohala. Whether it is open space conservation, adjunct school programs, cultural celebrations, supporting agriculture and environmental initiatives or helping to secure grants and donor funding to establish a newspaper and a radio station, the Center has played a pivotal role in the success and endurance of innumerable projects and demonstrably improved the quality of life in our community.

Building a permanent endowment with Legacy gifts from donors helps to strengthen and give assurance to our mission. By supporting operations and overhead, the endowment allows us to channel maximum funding directly to community led projects.
The first step is to have a Trust or Last Will and Testament. Donors may need to consult with an attorney or estate financial planner. If you already have a Will but have not included us as a designated beneficiary, and you would like to help ensure our future, you may request the addition of a “codicil” and add a gift to our organization. Planned Giving does not require a large income or vast estate.

Examples of planned giving include Cash, Stocks, Bequests, Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs), Insurance Policies, Real Estate, and IRA Rollovers.

Getting Started


It is a great way to love Kohala forever!

Email us at or call 808-889-5523 to speak to one of our co-directors to learn more.