The ladies of Kohala Unupaʻa are no strangers to working Summers and this Summer was no different.

The Program took place over a four week period with 15 participants who range in ages from 5 to 15.

In the makai portion of the camp, participants were introduced to the marine resource stewardship activities. Students learned about ocean safety, lifecycles of limpets and invertebrates, and engaged in the practice of kilo (observation) of tides, weather patterns, and studied the different species of fish that they saw through hanai’ia (feeding fish) activities.

The mauka portion of camp began with a hike in the Kohala mountains, studying native Hawaiian plants and animals that live and grow in the area. Participants gathered native plant seeds and starts to plant in their native plant nursery. They participated in a beautification project of a Hawaiian garden at the Kohala Elementary School and prepared area for their native plant nursery and gardens located just below the school. Kohala Unupa’a worked with Teaching Change to learn about ‘Ōhia and the disease of ROD that is killing our native forest. Participants planted ‘Ōhiʻa seeds and watched them grow over the month. The plants that grows will be shared with the participantʻs families and school staff to plant at their homes.

Mahalo Kohala Unupaʻa for all the you do for our keiki o ka ʻāina and our honua!