Affordable Housing Group

This group seeks donations of land to establish individual housing units as well as small affordable housing communities in North Kohala to encourage diversity, which is our community’s strength.

Jack Hoyt, 808-889-0349,

Aikido of Kohala


Aikido of Kohala was formed to foster respectful and peaceful relationships in the North Hawaii community through the teaching of aikido.

Forrest Arnold, 808-987-2365.

Art In Sight

Master art teacher Peter Kowalke offers pottery, sculpture and drawing lessons for adults and children. His hands-on curriculum for homeschooled children provides an art-based learning platform for science, art history and English.

Peter Kowalke, 808-937-7556, Website:

Bond Library Restoration

This project is working to restore the historic Bond Memorial Library in Kapa`au in hopes of it one day being the home of North Kohala’s Heritage Center. Sharon Hayden, 808-889-0169, and Christine Richardson.

Camp Lokahi at Island Breeze Ministries

Camp Lokahi provides multi-day camping experiences for 40-50 local youth through four full camps and 2-3 one-day/overnight events annually. Eruera Kawe, 808-889-5082,

Camp Mana

Camp Mana offers a weekend day camp each spring, inviting youth to cultivate their innate wisdom, creativity, and awareness. The project fosters authentic expression, healing, growth, connection, respect and love. Heather Brovsky, 808-896-7748,

Engineering Resources

This informational center offers advice for residents on any engineering aspect of their home and community, including hazard mitigation, wastewater treatment and greywater systems.

Jim Pedersen, PE. 808-854-4888.

Experiential Learning Abroad Project

This project seeks to broaden Kohala High School students’ world and educational outlook through experiential learning abroad.

Jessica Brown, 808-345-2919.

Friends of the Park – Kohala Tennis Courts

This group maintains the tennis courts at King Kamehameha Park. The courts need to be bleached and cleaned at least once a month and resurfaced every five years.

Melissa Virtue, 808-936-8206.

Give and Grow Discovery School

Designed for the children of North Kohala, we provide an outdoor educational program that offers children opportunities to discover their unique gifts through nature based practices, community service, and skill building. Established in July 2020 in order to meet the changing climate of schooling during COVID-19 by offering children outdoor learning opportunities and safe socialization. Our outdoor curriculum is based in social and emotional learning through hands-on activities.

Devin Longfellow 808-895-4257.

Hawaii Music and Arts Conservatory

This project’s mission is to provide a creative and inspiring place from which to teach, coordinate, facilitate, experience and perform music and art for the children and adults of North Hawaii.

Adrienne Cherry, 808-889-1595,

Health as Priority – Kohala

Making health as a priority by providing in-home and online home visitations to assess health concerns, launch a fully mobile tele-health platform to connect people to medical and community providers, provide regular individualized case management and care oversight and train and certify high school students as medical and certified nurse assistants.

Hokupa’a Athletics

This group seeks to develop a Softball / Baseball program to accommodate youth athletes who are serious about developing competitively.

Nino Kaai, 808-895-7920,

 Ho’ola Honey Bee Relocation

This group’s mission is to save honey bees and support North Kohala’s natural environment and agricultural community by providing live bee removal and relocation services.

Kailin Kim, 808-386-9886, ;

Hula Halau O Mana’olana O Kohala

The halau offers classes for all ages in Hula and Hawaiian culture, providing a bridge between the generations and many cultures, and connecting the community to its rich Hawaiian heritage.

Hope Keawe, 808-889-5535.

Hula Halau O Kukui Aloha O Kohala

This school of hula was established to educate and connect people with the earth and share ancient stories and ways of life with classes for keiki and adults. It is a sister halau to Hula Halau Mana`olana O Kohala.

Leia Lawrence, 808-889-5155,


Engaging Kohala youth along with their families in hands-on skill building and host to experiential learning opportunities for veterans and their families.

Fred Figueroa. 808-769-2755

Ka Lei O Kohala Ti Farm

Infrastructure projects continue at Ka Lei ‘O Kohala Farm. Free ti is still available to groups doing fundraisers. Ti lei can also be ordered.

Randee Golden, 808-889-0011.

Kamehameha Day Celebration

Since early last century, a Kamehameha Day celebration has occurred at the original statue located here in North Kohala. With great pride and as the birth place of the king, Kohala has become the only celebration to occur on June 11, the date designated as his birthday. Kohala’s celebration is the premier event to honor Hawaiian history and to acknowledge our host culture. The event is organized to celebrate, honor, preserve and share Kohala’s cultural heritage. Check out the website if you need more information.

Kamehameha Statue Maintenance

Twice a year the group performs general maintenance tasks which include looking for bronze rust or any other problems that might arise with a statue of this type. Your continued support to help care for the Kamehameha Statue in Kapa’au is much appreciated.

Sharon Hayden, 808-889-0169.

Keiki Yoga Kohala – Yoga Ed

Combining yoga poses, games, art, and breathing techniques, this program helps Kohala Elementary School students develop physical fitness, self-care strategies, and greater focus and attention.

Jamie Eversweet Belmarez, 808-756-3919,,

KES Discovery Garden

The Discovery Garden at Kohala Elementary School provides K-5th grade students with hands-on garden experience while teaching nutrition and cross-curriculum concepts in math, Hawaiian culture and science.

KES Kindergarten/Preschool Playground

KES Kindergarten and Preschool Playground program is fundraising to install a safe, new playground for the kindergarteners and preschoolers.

Elysia Ney, 808-443-7014

KES Tennis Program

Kohala Elementary School Tennis Program provides in-school tennis lessons for elementary and middle school students to train and engage youth as a feeder program for the high school tennis team.

Melissa Virtue, 808-936-8206

KHS Project Grad

This annual party for new Kohala High graduates is a fun, alcohol-free event held after the graduation ceremony until the next morning, allowing graduates to celebrate together safely.


KHS Track Restoration

KHS Track Restoration Initiative is working to resurface the existing track at Kohala High School. Contact the center for updated contact information. 808-889-5523.

KHS Washington DC-New York Trip

Kohala High School students and their chaperone will travel to Washington, D.C. and New York City to visit a variety of cultural and historical sites during spring break.

Hinano Lewis, 808-747-4301,

Kindy Sproat: A Gift to the Heart

This documentary depicts the life journey of Kindy Sproat, an internationally recognized musician and one of Hawai`i’s Living Treasures, whose life perpetuates Hawaiian culture through stories and songs.

Keith Nealy, 808-987-8093, /

KMS Library 21st Century Library Initiative

The Kohala 21st Century Library Initiative was established to help students learn modern technical skills including multimedia creation and computer programming. The mission of the organization is to bring in additional resources including cameras, computers, 3D printers, iPads, and other tools that will allow teachers and other educators at the school to incorporate technology into their classes as well as after school programs.

Kohala 4-H Horse Club

Kohala 4-H Horse Club promotes learning life skills and leadership development through projects and a variety of curricula. The 4 “H’s” are head, heart, hands and health. Their motto is “E kua hui like ika hana a`ohe hananui kealu `ia” (Let everyone work together; no task is too big when done by all.) They serve youth ages 9-19.

Shay Van Zandt, 808-756-4192.

Kohala Artists’ Cooperative

Located in Kapa’au, the Kohala Artists’ Cooperative hosts educational classes, community events and features a gallery filled with local artists’ work

Support of the cooperative also supports:

NOKO Theatre– the theatre is currently doing research/writing and development of children and adult theater performances. Stay tuned for a variety of fundraising events. Jack Boyle, 508-558-0978.

Kenji’s House – museum artifacts are no displayed throughout the grounds and art gallery. Please stop by and view this local man’s history in Kohala.  Contact Cathy Morgan at 808-960-3597.

Kohala Cares


Founded by Peter Pomeranze, owner of the well known Sushi Rock restaurant, this project supports the growing need for food support in North Kohala. Every Wednesday starting at 4:30pm the food drive provides 140-170 bags of non-perishable foods along with donated produce, to the local community at the Kohala Village HUB site.

Peter Pomeranze, 808-987-4970

Kohala Coalition Against Drugs

For the past 18 years KCAD has worked to keep Kohala’s youth safe and drug free by offering education and a variety of fun, drug-free activities for children. Please contact the center for contact information. 808-889-5523

Kohala Community Athletic Association

Since 1980, KCAA has offered free after-school sports programs for Kohala youth ages 5-14 including baseball, softball, basketball, T-ball, volleyball and flag football. Players play for free.

Tom McCue, 808-884-5132,

Kohala Coqui Coalition

The Coqui Coalition focuses on community education and eradication of coqui fronts in North Kohala.

Coqui Hotline 808-889-1777.

Kohala Country Fair

The Kohala County Fair is a beloved tradition and community celebration in North Kohala.

Call the Center at 808-889-5523 for more information.

Kohala Filipino Project

This club was formed to revitalize the Filipino Culture of the people in this generation and for the next generation and includes a Kohala Filipino Fiesta to honor the Filipino elders in our community.

Carol Fuertes 808-889-5391,

Kohala Fitness Center

The group established a new exercise center at the Hisaoka Gym where the community can enjoy a free, supportive, and friendly atmosphere to improve health and fitness.

Robin Kalama, 808-222-9150,

Kohala Football Boosters Club

Established in 1992 to support the Varsity football program through fundraising activities and solicitation. This organization was established by parents and guardians of student athletes.

Kohala Ohana Wellness and Support Initiative

This Initiative was started to address the growing need to support families of students who attend the three Kohala Public Schools during the pandemic. During this unprecedented time, many of these families are faced with financial hardship as a result of the State’s economic shutdown due to Covid-19. Our mission is to provide economic aid and relief to families of students that attend any of the three Kohala Public Schools by purchasing school supplies, household necessities such as toiletries and personal care items, and provide resources and information to support mental, emotional and physical health and wellness.

Denni Keyes 808-333-6181.

Kohala Radio

Kohala Radio operates a low power noncommercial FM radio station for the community. We are committed to broad inclusive participation and diverse programming reflecting the community. Operated by local residents volunteering their time and expertise.

David Ebrahimi, 808-889-0507,,

Kohala Ride Wild Club

Kohala Ride Wild Club engages children ages 4 and up in the care and riding of horses through a free, ongoing weekly program. They also run an animal rescue program for neglected horses and other large animals in Kohala.

Shay Van Zandt, 808-756-4192.

Kohala Robotics

An academic afterschool program engaged in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), communication, documentation and time management. The goal is excellence through life-changing experiences for Kohala youth.

Fern White, 808-889-7117, ext. 249.

Kohala Senior Citizen Club

This active group for seniors age 55 and up seeks to stimulate the mind, body and soul by participating in the home, schools and community.

Kohala Unupa`a – Strong Foundation

Our mission is to provide students grades 2-10 with a foundation in Hawaiian culture through the oral histories of our kupuna, using the Hawaiian language, and hands-on experience with traditional Hawaiian skills in relationship with the land. Johnelle Amoo Kainoa, 808-895-2545,

Kukui Garden Restoration

This unique project holds a commitment to restore old family lands to serve children and adults needing to reconnect to the earth, to spirit, to their culture, and ultimately to themselves.

Nani Svendsen, 808-889-5572,

Lavaroots Performing Arts

Lavaroots Performing Arts brings dance, music and culture to Kohala Elementary School through it’s dance and drumming programs serving Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.  Rhythm of the Soil: Gardens, Dance, Music is offered in the Fall and Hip Hop-Creative Movement offered in the spring. Lavaroots also co-hosts with Kissidugu Foundation an Annual Drum and Dance Conference in Kohala that brings together eight West African Master artists, two North Kohala Kumu Hula as well as  Yoga and Salsa instructors. It is an enriching opportunity for all of the Big Island. Lavaroots thanks you for supporting the empowerment of our youth!

Director: Michál Anna Carrillo, 808 987-4243,

Lio Lapa’au

This therapeutic service provides opportunities for horseback riding and interactions with horses that support healthy lifestyles, traditional paniolo values, and increased mental and muscle wellness.

Fern White, 808-896-0316, /

Living Journals

The latest oral history project, “Ranching Under the Rainbow: Monty Richards of Kahua Ranch,” shares the life of one of the last “old time” ranchers of Hawaii. Click HERE to purchase the book online.

Jan Wizinowich, 808-990-9033,

Malama I Na Wahi Pana O Kohala – Preserving Kohala’s Cultural Resources

This project is helping with these Kohala activities: Upolu Airport landscaping, Kauhola Point dedication, nominating Niuli’i and Halelua coastal corridors for preservation and purchase.

Fred Cachola, 808-753-8896,

Malama Kohala Kahakai Coastal Preservation

In collaboration with the Ala Kahakai Trail Association and Malama Kohala Wahi Pana, the organizers helped secure another $2 million in grants and match to preserve 34 more acres at Kaiholena south. In the last four years, along with five other North Kohala community groups, nearly 300 coastal acres have been preserved in perpetuity. These include Nu’uanu, Pao’o, Kaiholena north, and Kaiholena south. A capital campaign is being considered as the number of landowners wishing to sell their land for preservation purposes is rapidly increasing.

Gail Byrne 808-938-8880

Na Kupuna ‘O Kohala

Na Kupuna ‘O Kohala is a hula halau made up of senior men and women from North Kohala. Under the guidance of Kumu Kaui Nakamura, the halau’s objective is to perpetuate Hawaiian culture while learning the stories and dances of Hawai’i; to share this culture through performances throughout the year in the community; and to encourage excellence through competition at the annual senior hula festival.

Cheryl Sproat and Randee Golden, 808-889-0011.

North Kohala Archery

Providing a safe and encouraging place for youth in the community to be a part of and learn the skill and form of archery. Once established, a Junior Olympic Archery Club is planned with the goal of keiki being afforded the chance to compete in tournaments and have access to more collegiate scholarship opportunities.

Tiana and Jared Miyamoto,

North Kohala Community Emergency Response Team

NK-CERT added 19 new members and is now the largest CERTeam on the island. The group continues to train and prepare to respond to emergencies.

John Winter, 808-889-6901.

North Kohala Community Reunion

Established in 2000 by community members, the Reunion has been a beacon for Kohala community members living away from home to come back. The event is filled with many activities including self-guided tours, presentations, music, food and much much more.

North Kohala Eat Locally Grown

The Eat Locally Grown Campaign works to grow a community-based, sustainable food system that addresses the health, environment and economy of North Kohala. Current initiatives include an EBT booth at the Hawi Farmers Market, a fresh produce supplement program at the Food Basket, and Farmers Market promotion.

Leslie Nugent,

North Kohala Golf Park

The golf park is a recreation area for children to learn and play golf using the teachings of the First Tee and for adults both young and old to practice their skills. The 9-hole course has a putting green and chipping practice area.

Chelsea LaFrance 808-937-0768

North Kohala National Guard Alumni



Established in 1999 to address the need for recognition of the many veterans who served the nation honorably. Responsibilities include maintaining the community monuments dedicated to fallen veterans. In addition a new Wall of Honor is being planned for the community.

North Kohala Student Cultural Enrichment Program

This program is designed to expose Kohala students to many cultural and educational programs that have previously been prohibitive due to costs.

Dixie Adams, 808-889-5730,;

Laura Burkhart, 808-884-5833,;

Rose Mae Watterson, 808889-6342,

NSP Basketball

Team NSP Training aims to provide school-age children (5-18yrs old) in Kohala with year-round basketball training. Keone Emeliano, 808-895-6334.

`Ohana Homeschool Cooperative

A values-based learning center program dedicated to Waldorf-inspired education, offering children a spectrum of academic and life skills that foster holistic development of body, mind and spirit.

Contact Golden Gibson 808-785-4952

Ohua O Na Kia i No Na Keiki O Ka Aina

This group is restoring an old Hawaiian lo`i. Their goals are to inspire and empower the community through education and stewardship of the ‘Aina; to create outdoor classroom spaces for hands-on education; and to restore overgrown land into usable educational farmland.

Sa’o Vaefaga 808-889-1484,

Old School Hawaii

Old School Hawaii has a mission to engage the community in craft, to provide a space to facilitate learning and sharing of valuable knowledge, and to promote craftsmanship. Hap Tallman, 808-987-6888, /

Opio-KUPUNA-Kakou (OKK)

The mission of OKK is to help the families of the Opio (youth) and Kupuna (elders) with monetary support to make it easier for them to participate in activities and programs in Kohala.

Kealoha Sugiyama, 808-889-0171,

Planet Pioneers

Planet Pioneers builds sustainability leadership and entrepreneurship capacity in K12 students through mentorship, internships and handon projects to successfully lead Hawaii to a sustainable future. Linda Lewandowski, 808-756-9005,

Pop Warner – Kohala Chargers

This youth football organization teaches the values of teamwork, self-discipline, respect, self-confidence, and good sportsmanship. They are raising funds to pay for bus transportation to out of town games and to replace or upgrade equipment for quality and safety.

Kamon Kupuka’a, 808-238-6747.

Protect Pololū

 This project has been working tirelessly to raise awareness of ʻohana and community kuleana to the valley. The obvious problem is the need to mālama the valley and its surrounding areas from over humanization. The hui focuses on educating visitors and locals on trail hazards, cultural and historical information along with where the public access places are.

Lehua Dircks AhSam,

Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Pro-biotic Practices Hawaii

This project extends from a 35 year effort to firmly reestablish regenerative organic farming in Hawaii. Their goals are to host in-depth workshops and develop a vocational agriculture training program for at-risk young men.

Clarence and Gail Baber, 808-938-8880.

Remember Thru Music


Remember Thru Music is a no-cost program providing personalized music on iPods and MP3 players to those diagnosed with memory loss, Alzheimer’s & dementia. Contact:

Rogue Panda Farm

RPF was created in order to ensure food security for the residents of the North Kohala community. Our main intention is to create a “farm syndicate” to encourage food security in North Kohala, at little to no charge to the residents. RPF’s mission is to bridge the gap in food supply while ensuring that farmers are invested in growing food to meet the needs of their community, not only during these times of crisis but moving forward. Chris Bornstein,

Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko Kohala

RMD Okinawan Taiko has been active in Kohala for over four years with 23 drummers performing at community events and providing free classes in Kohala. Funding is needed for uniforms, drums, and transportation.

Kathy Matsuda, 808-889-5801,

Stop LFA Kohala

Our goal is to detect and eradicate Little Fire Ants throughout North Kohala by creating a community funded rapid response team capable of responding quickly and effectively to LFA infestations in North Kohala.

Frank  Hustace,

Suits and Seats for Swimmers

The goal of this project is to provide annual funding for warm-up and competition swim suits, goggles and travel for members of the Kohala High School Swim Team.

Rick Cohen, 808-889-0205.

Sustainable Kohala Ohana

This network of Kohala residents promotes local sustainability, emergency readiness, and community resilience through educational programming, grant writing, staff support, free films and more.

Deborah Winter, 808-889-6901.

Taro Dream Inc.

This Kohala-based research, product development and marketing company was founded over 20 years ago and has developed a full line of glutenfree foods made from taro root.

Pamela Noeau Day, 808-884-5270,

Wai’Oli Craniosacral

Research backed Craniosacral Therapy for children with ADD, ADHD, autism and dyslexia, as well as for victims of trauma. Seeking funding for families in need.

Bonnie Stevenson, 896-5225,

WasteStream Recycling

WasteStream continues to be active in the pursuit of reducing, reusing and recycling in Kohala. Make extra money for your organization, join our HI5 Volunteer program.

Karen Rosen,