Every now and again, someone in the community will say, “Oh, the Resource Center is that organization that gives away money?”

To be clear, we do not give away money. Once a project is approved by our BOD we help project coordinators figure out how to fund their project. This may include project planning, finding funders, building budgets and writing successful proposals. We provide space on our website to inform the public of the project and provide the opportunity to easily make a tax-deductible donation. We even help organize fundraisers. We assist with finding the right fund development plan that will give projects the support they need to be successful and sustainable.

We assist projects to prepare and submit grant proposals to funders including county, state, and private foundations in Hawai’i and across the United States. Proposals are submitted through the Resource Center on behalf of the project. On average 85-percent of proposals submitted have been funded. Since most grantors will only give money to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations like the Center, their checks are written to us and we immediately give the money to the projects. At that time projects are invoiced the minimal service fee, which helps to support the Center.

We maintain ongoing relationships with funders and prepare and submit final reports detailing how their money was spent. Founded in 2003, NKCRC has submitted hundreds of proposals for projects and the Center has been awarded millions of dollars in grants and contributions. This process of receiving money for projects is called “fiscal sponsorship,” and it’s a primary part of what we do.

Start-up funding for the Center was first provided by grants but we have diversified our funding to include contributions from the community, friends of the community, special events, grants and the fees we charge funded projects for our services. Through our database of families, individuals and business donors, we nurture relationships and preserve their trust in the good work we do to support our mission and our community.