The fees we collect compensate us for the many services we provide for our projects. Our fee percentages below are applied to the total grant or contribution amount.

Description of NKCRC services and fees:

1.) Funding research, proposal work, advice, general assistance and administration:

This includes teaching, project planning, budgeting, use of our software, networking with funders, meetings with potential donors, edits, polish, rewrites, critiques and packaging of proposals as well as collecting and managing information for and preparing final reports.

Administration includes thank you and tax deduction letters, interim and final reports, banking, check issuing, fee collections and data base management. For grants which require one annual report, the fee is 8%. For grants with additional reporting, a higher fee percentage may be required and will be determined at the time of grant submission.

2.) Use of non-profit mailing services:

We charge a flat fee of $25 to use our bulk mailing permit plus the actual cost which is approximately $250-$350 for a saturation mailing in North Kohala.

How fees are applied:

All grants of $250 or greater generate a fee. The fees for services provided on grants are agreed upon prior to submittal, and then applied to the grant amount request. Occasionally some funders have their own fiscal percentage fee cap which we always honor.

All contributions at or above $250 generate an 8% fee. This also applies to cumulative contributions of amounts less than $250 that total $250 or greater during a calendar year.

Please note: All donations and grants that total less than $250 during the calendar year do not generate fees.

This is the current Board-approved fee schedule. We reserve the right to adjust fees based on any special or unusual circumstances for grants and contributions during the year, which may cause fees to increase or decrease for that specific grant or contribution. Adjustments will be discussed prior to applying for funds that require a fee adjustment. Consulting fees for 501(c)3 Non-profit organizations will be determined on a case by case basis.

Donation Disbursement and Fee Collection Process
Donation checks are issued once each month. Grant checks will be issued when they are received and processed. All fees for contributions at or above $250 are due at the time of receipt of funding and an invoice will be provided for your records.